About Teck

Photograph by Christopher Chien,
Founder of (COLLAB)²

I am a freelance writer, a lifestyle journalist and an aspiring academic. I have been writing occasionally for The Business Times Executive Lifestyle and Living and SME Magazine in Singapore since 2011, with special interests in F&B and the Arts.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in English Literature with a focus on Modernism, celebrity culture, and journalism; this follows on the heels of my M.A. (Res) and B.A. (Hons) in English Literature with the National University of Singapore.

I get all my writing done while the onions are sweating and the stew, simmering. Writing about food without knowing how to cook is unconscionable, don’t you think? Check out my #sgfoodreviews and #homecooking (with the hashtags, please) @teckaway on Instagram! For more info, visit https://sg.linkedin.com/in/thtan


This is a portfolio containing my work as a freelance writer and lifestyle journalist for The Business Times.
Please feel free to contact me me for my services or to share a comment.

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